journal's structure

The journal’s content is divided into three parts, each of which contains several sections.

Peer-reviewed scholarly texts form the main part of the journal. These may be substantial research papers, detailed narrowly focussed materialia, or, exceptionally, reviews.

The second part is Bibliographical service, the aim of which is to provide the present pragensia researchers as well as people working in magisterial agenda with the links to the already published information about individual movable and immovable Prague monuments.

The third part is formed by short contributions such as news and personalia, together with short reports in the REPORTS section. These texts are not subjected to the reviewing process because of their short length, insignificant scientific importance, or because their scientific results, in the same or extended version, have already been published elsewhere.


peer-reviewed studies and articles based on original research


peer-reviewed texts based on original research


peer-reviewed reviews of original synoptic scholarly work (not based on original research)


non-reviewed short articles that does not have to be based on original research; popularization for professional public audience


overview and list of individual published texts related to pragensia; indexes of authors and subjects


recent developments within the discipline, social new